Valencia Tourist Card

Planning to use the public transport often during your stay in Valencia? In that case you can choose to purchase the Valencia Tourist Card. This card can be used for one, two or three days. You can make unlimited use of the bus, tram and metro. The card is for sale at the tourist info, hotels and several kiosks. For more information and the pro’s and con’s on the tourist card, check out this page.


Days Prices
1 – €15,00
2 – €20,00
3 – €25,00


It can be useful and cheaper to purchase a Tourist Card when you are on a city trip and planning to often use the public transport. A pro is that you can make unlimited use of the bus, tram and metro with this card. Besides that, you can also use the card to travel to your accommodation from the airport. With the Tourist Card you also have discounts at several museums and monuments. At some museums you have free entrance, for example at La Lonja. When you are visiting the city by yourself or just the two of you, a Valencia Tourist card can be more profitable.

When you have children from age six till twelve it is an option to purchase the Family Card. This card is for all family combinations. You have a 10% discount and your kids 20%. You don’t have to purchase a Tourist Card for all family members, but just one Family Card.


The centre of Valencia is not that big and everything is on walking distance. So basically you do not have to use the public transport. Besides that, taxis are quite cheap in Valencia. Day start tariff is €4,00 and afternoon/night (from 22.00 to 07.00 hour) €6,00. For this money the taxi drives two kilometres. So when you are about to take a cab with four persons you only have to pay €1,00 per person. Taking a cab is nice, because you stop exactly where you need to be. Buses and metros don’t drive till late, mostly till 11.00 or 12.00 in the evening. Quite early for a city that lives in the night.

With the Tourist Card you have several discounts, but keep in mind that entrances are mostly between €1,00 and €4,00. Some museums and monuments even have free entrances on Saturdays and/or Sundays.

– With the three days Card (72 hours) you have discounts (up to 15%) at several organizations, for example: Tourist bus, Do you bike and some museums.
– Kids between 0 and 5 can use the public transport for free, so you don’t have to purchase a Tourist Card for them.
– Skip lines and enjoy your holiday from the start by ordering the Valencia Tourist Card online here!

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