Cabanyal is a neighbourhood of history and charm, located at the coast of Valencia. By origin it’s a fishing village, and still you can see that by walking through the streets of this neighbourhood. Its churches, its squares and its fishermen houses continue to make a pleasant impression.

A fishing village by origin

Cabanyal was born because of the fishery. For eight centuries it was a fishing village. Because of the fish the village kept growing. Also Jaime I (King of Valencia in 1238 – 1276) got interested in the growing fish industry. He cooperated a deal with the fishermen that in exchange for the monopoly on fishing, fishermen had to participate in war campaigns. Furthermore Cabanyal suffered several fires throughout their history. The biggest were those of 1796 and 1875.


In 1998 the former Mayor of Valencia, Rita Barberá, had the plan to connect the street Blasco Ibañez to the sea and to modernize the neighbourhood of Cabanyal. Valencia would get a more attractive boulevard than the city had up until that point. However, to succeed this plan about 1.650 houses had to be demolished. There was a lot of protest from the Valencian population and a long conflict was born. In the end it appeared that is wasn’t possible to put the plan into practice, because the old fishermen houses of Cabanyal belong to Cultural Heritage and couldn’t be demolished. Although in the process some parts of the neighbourhood were demolished and some houses collapsed.

Walking through Cabanyal

If you want to visit a modern neighbourhood, then you are not in the right place at the former fishing village Cabanyal (until 1897). By walking through the streets you can still see the old fishing houses. Colourful, that’s what makes them beautiful. A lot of houses are painted in different colours and tiled with impressive ceramic tiles. The style varies from art noveau to baroque. Although Cabanyal is not officially a fishing village anymore, you can still find the best fish here. The big market, Mercado Cabanyal, in Carrer de MartíGrajales sells good fish, but also the bars and restaurants are serving good fish meals, like La Lonja del Pescado.

Drinks and food

Casa Montaña

Casa Montaña is a cozy tapas bar in the center of Cabanyal. The bar has been around since 1836 and has today become one of the most popular tapas bars in this neighborhood. The tapas are international recognized and they offer a great selection of different types of wine. Also nice to know: at Casa Montaña they often organize events such as wine tastings. Check out their website for it.

Carrer de Josep Benlliure 69
46011 Valencia

Opening hours
Monday to Friday: 13.00-16.00 hour and 20.00-23.30 hour
Saturday: 12.30-16.00 hour and 20.00-23.30 hour
Sunday: 12.30-16.00 hour

La Otra Parte

Good tapas, drinks and a cosy and good environment. That is what you get when you go to La Otra Parte. The atmosphere in La Otra Parte is pleasant and familiar. Also the style of the decoration of this bar is worth to go there. They have furniture in different styles and that’s what makes this place hip. Enjoy your tapas and drinks in the sun? That’s also possible. La Otra Parte has a small terrace. And not to forget! Every Wednesday they organize a Flamenco show! Check their Facebook page for more information.

Calle Eugenia Vines 113
46011 Valencia

Opening hours
Tuesday to Sunday: 18.00-1.30 hour

Bodega La Peseta

Bodega La Peseta is a Spanish bar in Cabanyal close to the beach. It’s a very good place to enjoy some tapas and some beers with your friends. This place is almost always filled with people that the crowd even stays outside on the street with their beers. There is a good environment and if you are lucky you can enjoy live music.
For more information about the bar, check their Facebook page.

Calle Cristo Del Grao 16
46011 Cabanyal

Opening hours
Monday to Sunday: 8.00-0.00 hour

Where to stay in Cabanyal

The neighbourhood Cabanyal offers a lot of accommodations with view on the beach. What do you want more on your vacation in Valencia! The following places are the ones we recommend:

Hotel Boutique Balandret

Hotel Boutique Balandret in Cabanyal is located at the beach La Malvarosa. It has a perfect location, near to a lot of bars and restaurants, the beach and the port. The hotel has a good restaurant and some of the rooms have a nice view on the beach. In the hotel there is free WiFi available and rooms have flat screen TV’s and lockers. Furthermore there is a terrace, a lounge room, a big playground for children and several baby accessories.
More information about the hotel and current rates you can find here.

Paseo Neptuno 20-22
46011 Valencia

Apartamentos City Beach Valencia

The apartments of Apartamentos City Beach Valencia in Cabanyal are nearby the Malvarrosa beach, and 2 kilometres away of La Ciudad de las Artes y Ciencias. Also public transport is nearby. With 5 different bus lines and the tram you can reach the centre of Valencia in 25 minutes. The apartments have a living room and a kitchen with washing machine and dishwasher. More information about the hotel and current rates you can find here.

Different Locations Poblats Maritims
46011 Valencia

Hotel Gabbeach

When you are staying in hotel Gabbeach in Cabanyal the beach Playa de las Arenas is only 2 minutes away. And also the port of Valencia is just a minute walking. This hotel has a modern and stylish decoration and has a restaurant and a cocktail bar. In the same street of the hotel, you can find a lot of bars, restaurants and shops like Ale-Hop. More information about the hotel and current rates you can find here.

Paseo Neptuno 30
46011 Valencia

How to reach Cabanyal

By bike you can reach Cabanyal from the centre of Valencia within 20 minutes. Walking you will be there in one hour. Walking or cycling through the Turia park and near the City of Arts and Sciences will be one of the best options. Where to rent this bike? With us of course! At our Bike Rental Shop you can rent a bike for a few hours, for a whole day or for a few days!

You can also reach Cabanyal by public transport. The Maritim-Serreria is the nearest metro station. Metro line 5 has a direct connection with the centre of Valencia. By tram you can also reach the centre. You will need lines 5 and 6. Furthermore there are several bus stops in the neighbourhood.


– Between the beach and the port you can find a modern building complex. This is the America’s Cup. In the building you can find some good restaurants. But you can also go there to drink a cocktail. Definitely in the summer this is a nice place to dance on good music and to have some drinks.
– Do you like live music and entertainment? Visit La Fabrica de Hielo! La Fabrica de Hielo is an ‘arty farty’ spot where you can drink and enjoy cultural activities such as exhibitions and live performances from artists from Valencia and its surroundings, but also from the rest of Spain and international artist. On their website you can find upcoming events.
– The Casa Museo Semana Santa Marinera is a museum in Calle del Rosario 1 where you can find costumes, thrones, images etc. associated with the Easter celebrations. For more information see their website. The entrance is for free.

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