Semana Santa or Easter

Are you visiting Valencia during Semana Santa (the week before Easter)? Then you might be interested in the activities and processions that take place during Semana Santa in Valencia.


If you are visiting Valencia during Easter, you might want to have a look in the harbor/sea district. There will be various happenings and processions in this area which will start on Sunday 14th of April 2019. Semana Santa, literally “Holy week”, is not only celebrated in Spain, but also in many other countries all over the world. The harbor district is really worth visiting during this religious celebration. Also a program of the activities and processions is available, but unfortunately it is in Spanish. Even though it is in Spanish you might want to take a look at it, because there is also a map with the route of the processions. Furthermore you can find an overview of the streets that will be passed during the processions and at what time several happenings will begin. You can also see in program what the different religious associations will be wearing during the processions. Keep in mind that these costumes have nothing to do with the Ku Klux Klan!


In 2019, Semana Santa will take place from the 14th of April until the 21st of April. Several processions will be held, which tell the story of the last week of Jesus on earth.


The district close to the harbor and the sea is the location where the processions and other happenings will take place during Semana Santa in Valencia.

Program 2019

We don’t know the program of 2019 yet, but we have picked out some of 2018’s highlights. If you are interested in the whole program click here.

Palm Sunday 25 March

9.45: The procession of Palms. This procession will tell the entry of Jesus in Jerusalem. This will last 2,5 hours.

Holy Thursday 26 March

8.00: Procession of the Torches. This procession will be continued untill late. During the procession the Holy Monuments will be visited and it takes place to the sound of drums. Afterwards, the streets become filled with with candles.

Good Friday 27 March

8.00: The first important act, next to the shore on Playas de las Arenas.
6.30: The most important procession of the Holy Week, Holy Burial. This procession will take five hours and will pass the streets of the districts around the coast.

Easter Sunday 28 March

1.00: Resurrection procession, a colorful procession which passes a constant shower of petals.

Addresses of churches
Señora del Rosario
Plaza del Rosario 4
46011 Valencia

Señora de los Ángeles
Plaza de la Iglesia de los Ángeles 2
46011 Valencia

Santa Maria del Mar
Plaza Tribunal de les Aigues 1
46011 Valencia

Cristo Redentor
Calle Reina 96
46011 Valencia

An impression of Semana Santa


  • If you are in Valencia during Semana Santa 2019, we can recommend joining our tapas tour. During the tapas tour we visit three authentic Spanish tapas bars. In every tapas bar you get a drink and a tapa. See our tapas tour page for more information.
  • Some days during Semana Santa the supermarkets are closed, but OpenCor is still open. OpenCor is a shop/supermarket that is 365 days a year, approximately 18 hours a day open. Therefore, if you need to buy something, you could go to one of these shops. To find the nearest location, you can have a look at OpenCor.

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