In the impressive City of Arts and Sciences (Ciudad de les Arts i les Ciències) you will find this special building. L’Hemisferic is a cinema, planetarium and laserium, which is designed by Santiago Calatrava.

The shape

Since 1998 this building is open for public. The building has an interesting shape. The building is shaped like an eye and is surrounded by water. They also call it the eye of knowledge. On the outside you will see the eyelashes and they can open the eye. L’Hemisferic is the first building in the City of Art & Sciences. Santiago Calatrava designed the building, just like all the other buildings in the City of Art & Sciences.

The building

L’Hemisferic is mostly made out of glass, concrete and aluminium. The building is 110 meters long and 55,5 meters wide

Different areas

Every piece of L’Hemisferic has his own name. The outer ring is used for events. This space has a surface of 24.000m2 and is named after Carl Sagan, an American astronomer and cosmologist. In this area there are all kind of events that can be visited by everyone. For more information about the events, see this website.

The middle area is used as a cinema. The cinema has two project systems and a 900m2 screen. The screen is all over the cinema and you can watch the movie with 299 other people. The movies are in IMAX and 3D and most of them are documentaries. There are different movies and some of them are especially for kids. For some movies you need to have a 3D glasses and a headset. They will give you this before the movie starts.

Movie time!

It is an experience to watch a movie in L’Hemisferic. They don’t have new movies, but you can watch a documentary. These documentaries are very informative and for everyone. The L’Hemisferic teaches kids and adults more in a fun way. The movies are available in English, Spanish, Italian and French. Every movie takes about 40 minutes. There are always different movies, but these movies have been in L’Hemisferic the past few years:

– L’Oceá secret de jean-michel coustau
– America Wild Parcs Naturals
– Tortugas 3D + El Principito 3D (Turtles 3D+ the little princes 3D)
– Caminant entre dinosaures


The movies are not for children who are younger than four years old.

Adults: €8,80
Children between 4-12 year and 65+: €6,85
Groups with more than 20 people: €6,40

Combined prices
Beside L’Hemisferic there a lot of other things to do in the City of Art & Sciences. There is the Museo de las Ciencias (the sciences museum) and the aquarium Oceanográfic . If you buy a combined ticket these highlights are cheaper to visit.

L’Hemisferic + Oceanográfic: €31,40 (adults) – €23,80 (discount) and €21,30 for groups.
L’Hemisferic + Museo de las Ciencias: €12,60 (adults) – €9,60 (discount) and €8,95 for groups.

The cinema opens everyday at 10.00 o’clock. If you want to see a movie, check this page for the overview of this month and the time when every movie start.


-Rent a bike and take a nice ride through the park to Ciudad de les Arts i les Ciències. Look for more information on this page .
Book a guided walking tour in Ciudad de les Arts i les Ciències.

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