Port and beach

What makes Valencia such a nice city is that it is fully equipped with all the conveniences. You could stroll through the old city centre, but also cool down by the sea at the port. There are several beaches that you can visit and where you can enjoy the Spanish sun!


In Valencia there are several beaches that you can visit and where you can relax. Because the beach is so wide and long, you will have little trouble with overcrowded beaches and little space. Valencia’s beaches are of soft sand and are equipped with all kinds of facilities. For example, you can play volleyball, there are beach kiosks where you can buy a drink and there are toilets. The beach of Valencia is divided into three parts, each with their own name. Beaches with mainly low-rise constructions and few busy boulevards.

Las Arenas

Las Arenas is probably the most famous beach in Valencia. This is the beach that is close to the harbour. This beach is also adjacent to a boulevard with all kinds of nice restaurants, beach bars and shops. Las Arenas is equipped with toilets, showers and beach kiosks where you can buy an ice cream or a sandwich. In addition, it is possible to rent sunbeds and umbrellas on this wide sandy beach. On this beach, a part is wheelchair friendly, so that everyone can enjoy this beautiful beach. On the boulevard you can relax after a wonderful day at Sunset Gabanna for example. This bar is an expert in cocktails! Choose a delicious cocktail from the menu and enjoy lounging on a lounge chair. Would you rather grab a bite? Then you can better take a seat in the beautiful restaurant.

Passeig de Neptú 32
46011 València

Opening hours
Monday to Sunday: 11.00 – 12.00


A little further than the beach Las Arenas is the beach Malvarrosa. It is a long beach of about a kilometre long and is also 135 meters wide. Malvarrosa is one of the quieter beaches of Valencia and less known to the general public. But this doesn’t make this beach less fun! In the summer there are often parties and there is a great atmosphere on the beach. The promenade along the beach is perfect for walking and offers a beautiful view over the beach. Also on this beach you can rent sun beds and there are shower and toilet facilities available.


Patacona is actually the extended stretch of Las Arenas and Malvarrosa beach. This beach is close to the city, but actually belongs more to the village of Alboraya, which is just next to Valencia. At Patacona, the Valencians come first and you will notice that the atmosphere is a lot more local. So you will especially see that many Spanish families visit this beach and have a nice picnic here on beach chairs. The beach of Patacona also has a number of cosy beach bars. Furthermore, this beach is equipped with all facilities such as toilets, showers and disabled access.

Marina Beach Club

If one thinks of the beach of Valencia, one also thinks of Marina Beach Club. This pearl on the Las Arenas beach is a luxury beach club with a view over the water. This lounge club even has a swimming pool if you want to cool down. You can rent sunbeds, drink a delicious cocktail, enjoy the tasty snacks and enjoy the sun. You can also visit Marina in the evening for dinner in the club’s beautiful restaurant.

Carrer Marina Real Juan Carlos I
46011 Valencia

Opening hours
Monday to Sunday: 11.00 – 4.00

Port America’s Cup

The America’s Cup is one of the most prestigious sailing races and has been held since 1851. In 2007 it was for Valencia the first time to be the host of the America’s Cup. During this competition it is the intention that two yachts race against each other, of which the winner gets the infamous ‘Cup’. To facilitate this event, the port was completely renewed for the competition of 2007. The new renovation would be called the Port America’s Cup, centred around the minimalist white building by architects Chipperfield and Vázquez; ‘Veles e Vents’. In addition, the building is used as an anchor point for Formula 1 races that sometimes take place in Valencia.

The port

The port of Valencia is the largest in Spain and thus also one of the most important. This mainly concerns commercial traffic in the Mediterranean. In the summer, many beautiful boats can be seen in the port of Valencia. In the harbour complex there are many different bars and restaurants where you can enjoy a bite to eat. You can also find numerous Spanish fish restaurants around the harbour, where the fish is very fresh. In addition, there is also a beautiful sight in the harbour, such as the church Iglesia Santa Maria del Mar, which is also worth a visit.

Staying at the beach

Do you want a very special stay in Valencia? If so, a hotel at the beach is most definitely the answer! At the beach of Las Arenas is one of the most luxurious hotels of Valencia; Hotel Balneario Las Arenas. This five-star palace is fully equipped with a beautiful sea view and a spa to relax in. Are you planning to go often to the beach and you do not mind to travel briefly to the centre? Then this is certainly the ideal hotel. More information, current prices and availability can be found here.

How do I get there?

The beach of Valencia is not right next to the centre. To get to the beach you can take a taxi, use public transport such as the bus or metro or go on your bike!


You can of course take a taxi, the prices of taxis are not very high in Valencia. From the centre you pay about €9,00 for a ride to the beach.


Several buses go from different parts of Valencia to the beach. For example, you can take bus 32 to the Eugènia Viñes stop.


The nearest metro stop is Neptú. This stop can be reached by metro line 5 to Marítim – Serrería.


You can rent a bike at Once Upon a Bike, with which you can comfortably cycle to the beach! There are specially designed bike paths in Valencia that you can use, so you can safely go from A to B.

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