Seasons in Valencia

Are you going for the warm summers in Valencia or for Las Fallas during the spring. Or maybe you booked a trip to the orange city during the winter. On this page you will find more information about the seasons in Valencia and what you can do during your stay.


During the winter Valencia is a beautiful city to visit. It is a city where the sun shines over 300 days a year, even in the colder months. Valencia has a mild climate where the average winter temperature is around 16 degrees Celsius. If you have planned a visit around these months of the year, consider yourself lucky. There is plenty to do! There is no doubt that you can sit on a lovely terrace at sunny day in December, visit the city or walk through the Turia park. Do you want to warm up? Then maybe you should try the warm churros at the ‘El Contraste’ tent with a hot chocolatemilk. Do you want to know more about the winter in Valencia? Please click on this page.


The city gets some color in the spring. This is clearly visible in the many city parks in Valencia. You can enjoy walking, exercising or just enjoying the sun on a terrace. With an occasional peak of 25 to 30 degrees in the spring, it is also nice to go to the beach. You have a pleasant boulevard where you can wander over and eat at one of the nice restaurants. If you visit Valencia in March, you can praise yourself happy. You have the chance to experience the Fallas, a Valencian festival that is celebrated throughout the city. Do you want to read more about this? Click here.


During the summer you can enjoy the sun, beach, the city and a lot of activities. It can be pretty hot, so don’t forget your sunscreen. You can relax at the beach, get a refreshing swim in the sea or enjoy the pleasant gastronomy in the city. In summer there is also Ferio de Julio. This festive is in July and during this fest there are a lot of activities, concerts and the highlight is the flower battle. For more information about the summer in Valencia, see this page.


The sun is still shining, the smell of chestnuts is everywhere and its time to harvest the rice for the paella. This is what autumn look likes in Valencia. The weather is great and it can be up to 30 degrees during the fall. In September, October and maybe November you can relax on the beach and swim in the sea. Beside the beach you can enjoy the endless restaurants in the city and eat the best paella. Your planning a trip to Valencia in the fall? Check this page for more information.

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