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Are you planning a trip to Valencia in Spain? Then you might want to have a look at this sightseeing page, where you can find a lot of information about various highlights and tourist attractions in Valencia, Spain. Besides interesting information about diverse buildings and monuments, you will find among others an overview of various markets in Valencia.

Calatrava Valencia

The architect Santiago Calatrava is famous worldwide for the buildings he designed. In Valencia he is known for designing the City of arts and sciences. Would you like to get more information about this man or his designs, check out Calatrava Valencia.


The Cathedral of Valencia is an impressive historical building in the city centre of Valencia. Did you know that there are two paintings of Goya in the museum of the Cathedral in Valencia? Besides the ‘must see’ work of art of Goya, you can recognize different architectural styles and there is much more to see inside the Cathedral. For more information see Cathedral.

Ciudad de las Artes y de las Ciencias

Probably one of the most famous highlights in Valencia is the Ciudad de las Artes y de las Ciencias or the ‘City of Arts and Science’. These spectacular buildings are definitely worth visiting. But don’t forget, even though the water around these buildings looks very tempting, you are not allowed to get into the water. For more information see Ciudad de las Artes y de las Ciencias.

Lonja de la Seda

Lonja de la Seda is definitely worthwhile to visit. You can find this beautiful monument in the historical city centre of Valencia. Not only the inside of the building is interesting, there are also many details on the outside of this building. For more information see Lonja de la Seda.


Would you like to visit a local market in Valencia? There are various markets in Valencia where you can find many different types of products as clothes, ceramic, bags, kitchen utensils, souvenirs, plants and more. Are you looking for a typical “Tortilla de patatas” (potato omelet) pan? Then you might want to have a look at a local market for a good price. For more information see Markets.

Mercado de Colon

The Mercado de Colon used to be a market, but nowadays you find here various bars, restaurants and shops. In the Mercado de Colon are often expositions, concerts and other activities. For more information see Mercado de Colon.

Monasterio de San Miguel

The monastery of the holy Michael can be found outside the city centre of Valencia. Even though it isn’t very close to the city centre, it is still worth to visit this historical building. For more information see Monasterio de San Miguel.

Parks and gardens

Are you looking for some beautiful nature in the city? That is possible in Valencia. For example you can pay a visit to the Gardin del Turia, the Jardines del Real or the beautiful gorgeous Albufera lake. For more information see parks and gardens.

Post office

Even the Central Post office at Plaza Ayuntamiento can be recommended to have a look at. The inside as well as the outside of the building has got some beautiful and interesting details. For more information see Post Office.

Santa Catalina

The church and the tower of the holy Catherine are located near Plaza de la Reina. If you are planning to see this church, you might want to have a break at one of the two Horchatería’s next to the church to have a typical Horchata with a Fartón. For more information see Santa Catalina.


In Valencia you can find a great variety of squares. Would you like to know where you can find these beautiful squares, check out Squares.

Torres de Serranos

The “Torres de Serranos” or Serrano Towers used to protect the city Valencia. The thick doors used to be the entrance of the city. If you would like to have a spectacular view over the Valencia, then it might be worth climbing the stairs. For more information see Torres de Serranos.

Train station

There are two trainstations in Valencia, but the ‘Estación del Norte’ is only worth visiting. This train station has a prominent architecture from the outside, but it can also be recommended to have a look inside. For more information see Trainstation.

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