During the summer months and holidays, you will see many Horchataría’s in the streets. There are also some very well known Horchataría’s in Valencia all year round open.


Horchata is a quite popular drink in the region and city Valencia. You can drink horchata in a Horchataría, during the summer months on the streets in Valencia, in the supermarket or you can ask in a bar if they serve Horchata. Horchata is a drink that looks like milk. It is made from ‘chufas’ (yellow nutsedge), water and sugar. Horchata is served best in a Horchatería.


Horchataría Fabian
Calle Ciscar, 5
46006 Valencia

Horchataría Santa Catalina
Plaza Santa Catalina, 6
46001 Valencia

Tips horchataría

If you are going to have a Horchata, it is a must to combine it with a Farton. A Fartons is some kind of sweet bread that locals dip in the Horchata.

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