Valencia City has got various beautiful squares, which are really worth visiting. Once Upon a Bike listed the most interesting, special and well known squares to visit.

Plaza Ayuntamiento

The largest square of Valencia is Plaza Ayuntamiento. The square is a hotspot because of the famous buildings like the town hall, post office and the museum which is inside the town hall. Also the fountain in the middle is a populair spot for visitors. Often there are various events that take place at Plaza Ayuntamiento. Explore Valencia and start at Plaza Ayuntamiento!

Plaza de la Virgin

In the heart of Valencia you will find lovely square ‘Plaza de la Virgen’. Around this well known square are various special buildings, for example the “Basílica de la Virgen” and the Cathedral of Valencia. There is a large fountain in the middle of the square which by the sculptor “Manuel Silvestre Montesinos, it was exposed in 1976. There are many terraces on Plaza de la Virgen where you can sit in the sun or shadow meanwhile you enjoy a drink and a bite.

plaza de virgen

Plaza Redonda

Plaza Redonda, or Round square, was build in the year 1836 by Salvador Escrig. The Valencian people call this wonderful square also “clot”, which means “hole”. Every Sunday morning there is a market around Plaza Redonda and the Mercado Central. You can buy for example Valencian ceramic, paella pans, souvenirs, sunglasses, bags, belts and much more. The most market stands start tiding up around 13.30/14.00 hour.
Plaza Redonda is renovated recently. On the pictures below you can see what the square used to look like on the picture on the left side, and on the right picture you can see how it is now. On the sides of the shops on the square itself you can also see some pictures of what the square used to look like.

Plaza redonda

Plaza de Toros

The Plaza the Toros in Valencia was built between 1850 and 1860. Plaza the Toros, or bull arena, was built in neoclassical style and is designed by Sebastián Monleón Estelles. The majority of the bull fights take place during celebrations. For example in March during Fallas and Feria de Julio in July. Furthermore, Plaza the Toros is used as location for several other activities as circus, theatre, markets and much more. If you would like to have a look inside Plaza de Toros, then you could visit the Taurino Museum.


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