Plaza Ayuntamiento

The main square of Valencia is called Plaza Ayuntamiento with its famous buildings and fountain. The translation in English is literally ‘Town Hall Square’. The square is a hotspot because of the famous buildings like the town hall, post office and the museum. Those buildings are a mix of different Spanish architectural styles. The square is a good place to start exploring Valencia and it is almost impossible to not cross this beautiful square when you visit Valencia city.

The Town Hall

The Town Hall, which has the same name as the square, dominates the square by its appearance. It is a key point of reference for visitors of the city as well as the inhabitants and it is home to the daily officialdom. The Town Hall is designed in the 20th century by the architects Fransisco Mora Berenguer and Carlos Carbonell. They combined the eclectic style with modern features and a baroque-inspired interior. The rest of the buildings at the square are built in the 19th and 20th century.

Are you interested in more information about the history and culture in Valencia and do you like to explore the city wandering around? Take a look at our digital City Centre Walking Route! Besides information about the beautiful buildings, it will give you tips for good restaurants and nice shops!

The fountain at Plaza Ayuntamiento

In the centre of Plaza Ayuntamiento you will find the fountain. It is famous because of its lightning at night. When the sun sets and the stars appear, the spots in different colours start to light up the fountain. A must-see! During the day you can recognize the fountain by the greenery and flowers surrounding it. The fountain is built in 1962 by Carlos Buiges to improve the view of the square for tourism.

plaza ayuntamiento

Post office

Furthermore, you can find Palacio de Correos y Telégrafos, the post office, at Plaza Ayuntamiento. It is designed by Miguel Angel Navarro. Nice to know is that above the entrance of the post office five statues are placed. All of them represent one of the continents in the world. The middle one represents Europe. Please don’t forget to visit the building inside. There you will find a huge dome and a ceiling made of glass. This ceiling consists of 370 panels showing the 48 provinces of Spain. In the middle you can find the city weapon of Valencia, which amongst others consists of a bat and the colours of the flag of Spain.

The City History Museum of Valencia

The City History Museum of Valencia can be found under the roof of the Town Hall (Ayuntamiento). Here you can find famous pieces that are linked to the history of Valencia city. For example famous paintings, the sword of the former King Jaume and the oldest flag of Valencia. Absolutely recommended when the history of the city, or history in general, interests you!

Valencia CF Shop

Moreover the official shop of Valencia CF, the most popular football club in Valencia, is based at Plaza Ayuntamiento. It is famous for the many football shirts that can be bought here. Besides these shirts, also shoes, sports water bottles and other accessories can be found here. Of course all marked by the logo of the football club. Are you interested in attending a Valencia CF football match? Tickets and more information about upcoming matches can be gained in the shop as well.

Experience events at Plaza Ayuntamiento

Plaza Ayuntamiento is also a well-known spot, because it is often used to celebrate local events. Especially a big part of the annual Las Fallas Festival takes place here.


Las Fallas and mascletas

During Las Fallas, celebrated every year in March, you will encounter a lot of beautiful sculptures (‘fallas’), street parties, paella competitions and much more throughout Valencia. But here at Plaza Ayuntamiento, you will experience something you probably have never seen before in your life!

From the first of March there is a firework experience at Plaza Ayuntamiento every day at 14:00, which is called ‘mascleta’. A mascleta is different from the well-known decorative fireworks. A mascleta is all about the bangs and the noise that it creates. The fireworks are lightened in certain rhythms. The tradition by the locals is to discover the rhythm of the mascleta. When they do, they are clapping and jumping along. It is an impressive thing to see and very recommended when you visit the city during this period.

However, the mascleta is very loud. Something you really need to experience by yourself one day! A little advice: open your mouth a little bit during the mascleta. It’s better for your ears!

Other kinds of events at Plaza Ayuntamiento

Also at Día de la Comunidad de Valencia, the annual and regional festival of Valencia, there are processions at this square and different mascletas take place here too. It can be said that at almost every national festival there is an event at Plaza Ayuntamiento. Furthermore in December the square transforms into Winter Wonderland! You will find a Christmas tree there and every year they place ice skating rinks.


Briefly, Plaza Ayuntamiento is worth a visit! Do you wonder what to visit next? Here are some tips!

  • Near Plaza Ayuntamiento you will find Mercado Central. This market hall is one of the biggest ones in Europe. It has more than 900 stalls, all with delicious (Valencian) products. Worth a visit! We also offer a Mercado Central Tasting so that you get to taste all these exquisite local delicacies.
  • At Bastard Coffee & Kitchen you can go drink a coffee or enjoy their daily menu (menu del dia). A good place, well furnished with industrial design.
  • Closeby Plaza Ayuntamiento you can shop till you drop at Carrer de Colón. A lot of populair stores as ZARA, Bershka, Brandy Melville, Pull & Bear and Mango are located here. After sightseeing it can be exciting to go shopping here!
  • Buy an ice cream or frozen yoghurt at one of the shops at or nearby Plaza Ayuntamiento, for example at Llaollao. Enjoy your ice cream in the sun at one of the benches in the square.

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