Parks and Gardens

If you are visiting the city Valencia and you are planning to go sightseeing you could have a look around in some of Valencia’s impressive parks and/or gardens. Valencia has got a few beautiful landscaped parks and gardens, for example the Jardín del Turia and the Jardín Botánico.

Jardín del Turia

In the year 1957 the construction of the Jardín del Turia started. The Turia park used to be a river, but due to the fact that the river flooded in 1957, the government decided to move the river and to make a park on the riverbed. This beautiful park has the length of approximately nine kilometres. People are walking, running, cycling, picnicking and kids are playing. There is a skate park, many terraces, various fountains, football fields, midget golf and a different playgrounds for kids. Furthermore you can listen to classical music next to Palau de la Música every Sunday morning. Next to the flower bridge (‘Puente de las Flores’) there are often events and festivals, like a tapas and wine tasting event, an Andalusian festival and an international festival.

Free entrance

Opening hours
Every day of the week, day and night

Jardín Botánico

The “Jardín Botánico” or the Botanic garden, is a wonderful quite place to enjoy the diversity of plants, trees and flowers. You can find a large variety of cactuses, palm trees, carnivore plants and much more. Furthermore there are many cats walking around or sleeping in the shadow under a tree. So don’t be scared if you hear some strange noises, probably it is a cat sleeping or playing between the plants. These cats have enough to eat and to drink, because the employees of the Botanic garden give them food and water on a daily base.

Calle Quart 80

General: €2,00
Groups (organized): €1,50
Valencia Tourist Card: €1,80
Children between 7 and 16 years old, students and 65+ : €1,00
Kids (0-6 years): Free

Days of free entry
Tree day: January 31
Museums day: May 18
Day of Biological Diversity: May 22
Environment day:June 5

Opening hours
Open on Tuesday – Sunday. Only closed on Monday, the 25th December, the 1st of January and on rainy and windy days.
November – February, from 10.00 – 18.00
March and October, from 10.00 – 19.00
April and September, from 10.00 – 20.00
May – August, from 10.00 – 21.00

The website of the Jardín Botánico is available in various languages: English, Spanish and Valenciano. For more information see Jardín Botánico.

Jardines del Real

The “Jardines de Viveros”, or “Jardines del Real”, in other words the Royal gardens are beautifully landscaped gardens. These gardens already existed in the fifteenth century, but in the year 1903 it was donated to the local government. The “Jardines del Real” have changed a lot over the centuries, from orange and lemon trees to fountains, statues, wonderful flowers and trees, small lakes, swans and ducks and much more. There are also some places to have a drink or to eat something.

San Pío V

Free entrance.

Opening hours
Every day of the week from 8.00 – sunset.

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