If you think of Spanish food, you might think of Paella and tapas. Churros are also one of their specialities. On this page you will find more information about churros, and the best places to eat them!

Churros are a kind of fried doughnut/pastry in the shape of a stick. You normally eat the churros with sugar and/or you can dip these in warm thick chocolate milk. Furthermore there are many variations, like “Buñuelos” and “Porras”. Buñuelos are in the shape of a doughnut and Porras look like churros, but than thicker. Porras can also be filled with chocolate or another type of cream. Another variety are the churros with a thin coating of chocolate over it. Churros normally are eaten on holidays and/or on Sunday mornings for breakfast. During the “Fallas”, the biggest  celebration in Valencia, you will find a churrería on almost every corner of the street in the city centre.
For example in front of the trainstation, next to Mc Donalds on the other side of Plaza de Toros, on Plaza de la Reina and a few on Gran Vía Marques del Turia and many more.

In some bars they offer churros for breakfast, but you can also buy them in the supermarket or in a churrería. If you would like to try some churros or buñuelos at a “churrería” in Valencia, than you could go to the district Ruzafa to churrería “El Contraste”.

Did you ever try churros in Spain? If you are visiting Valencia and you would like to try some churros at a churrería, then have a look at this page.

El Contraste

On Sundays and/or holidays it is very common to eat “churros con chocolate” or “Buñuelos con chocolate”. Churros”. The best way to eat them is warm with sugar and/or with warm, thick chocolate milk. During the biggestcelebration in Valencia, the “Fallas”, you will find on almost every corner of the city a “Churrería”. In the district Ruzafa, there you can find a churrería that is baking fresh churros and buñuelos a few times a day. You can order a few to take away or you can have a seat at their terrace. In El Contraste, there isn’t much space inside, but there are approximately 8 tables on the terrace. At the end of the morning or beginning of the afternoon you can enjoy the sun while having a coffee with some delicious churros.

The price of 12 churros is €5,00

Churrería El Contraste
Calle San Valero 12 (esquina (corner) Ruzafa 61)
46006 Valencia
Tel.: (0034) 963 734 611



– If you are planning to visit churrería El Contraste, Monday morning would be a good option. On Monday mornings there is always a market in this district. You could visit the market and then have some churros and a coffee later.
– When it is Las Fallas in Valencia (in the beginning of March, two weeks long) there are churros stalls everywhere!

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