Parking in Valencia

If you go to Valencia by car it might be useful to know where you can park. That is why Once Upon a Bike has made a list containing some tips and parking possibilities. Did you know that Valencia is a great city to discover by bike? As soon as you park you car you could explore the city with one of our Bikes! At this page you can find information about parking.


Search your parking spot

By using ‘parkopedia’ you can look for parking spots throughout Valencia, just by filling in the address around which you would want to park your car. The price per hour and the exact address of the parking spot will be visible. You can even calculate the expected price on the website. The price is usually around €2,50 per hour and €22,00 per day.

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List of parking garages in the city centre
Lys Sl
Calle Martínez Cubells 5
46002 Valencia

Bisbal E Hijos Sl
Calle Xàtiva 5
46002 Valencia

San Agustin
Plaza San Agustín
46002 Valencia

Plaza Tetuán
46003 Valencia

Empark aparcamiento y Servicios
Calle Cirilo Amorós 8
46004 Valencia

Calle Colón 60
46004 Valencia

Destro Sa
Calle Isabel La Católica 8
46004 Valencia

Amparo Burdeos Mar
Calle Pizarro 28-30
46004 Valencia

Metropark Apa
Plaza Porta De La Mar
46004 Valencia

H.R. Perez
C/Almirante Cadarso 15
46005 Valencia

Garaje Park San Jose
Calle Burriana 27
46005 Valencia

Galeria Jorge Juan
Jorge Juan 21
46004 Valencia

Calle Colón 27
46004 Valencia

Garaje Astoria
Calle Cádiz 34
46006 Valencia

Pizarro Doce
Carrer de Pizarro 12
46004 Valencia

Aparcamiento Mercado de Colón
Calle Martínez Ferrando, 46004 Valencia


Park and ride means you will park your car close to a metro station and get a ride from there into the city. Parking is free, you only need to buy a metro ticket to make your way into the centre. The P+R spots are located at the following metro stations:
– Lliria,
– La Pobla de Vallbona,
– L’Eliana,
– Massarrojos,
– Rocafort,
– Empalme,
– Valencia Sud,
– Paiporta,
– Fuente de Jarro,
– Seminari-CEU, Bétera,
– Paterna,
– Santa Rita.

Paid parking

There are several possibilities to find paid parking in the streets of Valencia. Paid parking zones are marked with a blue line.

Free parking

There are some possibilities to park for free in Valencia. At Paseo de la Alameda for example, which runs along the Turia park. You just have to cross the park and you will be right in the centre of the city. Usually there are some people present at those parking spots who will point you to the free spots where you can park. They will ask some money, but you can decide for yourself whether you give them something or not.


– If you stay in a hostel in the city it might be a good idea to check beforehand is there are parking spaces available. Some hotels offer a free parking lot to hotel guests.
– When you are looking for a parking space at the streets, remember not to park your car when you see yellow lines. These spaces are reserved for companies and exits. Furthermore you should look out for traffic signs that for example say that you can only park there between certain times.

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