Museo Gremio de Artistas Falleros

Breathtaking, colorful and artistic statues fill the city during Las Fallas. Aren’t you able to visit Las Fallas – every year in March – but you still don’t want to miss these beautiful Valencian designs? Visit the Museo Gremio de Artistas Falleros!

Fascinating Fallas!

While visiting the biggest festival of Valencia, you will notice the impressive, life-size Fallas statues immediately. Las Fallas is one of the most popular fiestas of Spain and is known for its spectacular artworks. Every year lots of Valencian artists work really hard to finish their creations on time. Fun fact: the biggest Fallas statue ever was 30 metres!

The Museo Gremio de Artistas Falleros is not just a museum; it also functions as a guild. Members of the Museo Gremio de Artistas Falleros don’t just create artworks for Las Fallas. The artists that are part of the museum also created artworks for public locations like the Gulliver Park, the big playground in the Turia Park. They also create tailor-made art for weddings and other private events. Some of the Valencian artists even made designs for the Warner Bros theme park in Madrid!

Fighting for the ninot

Every Fallas statue consists of smaller parts or statues that are called ‘ninots’. Every year the same tradition takes place: during the night of ‘La Crema’ (‘The Burning’) all Fallas statues will be burned. Except two ninots! A big ninot and a smaller one are saved from the flames. And you have a vote in that! The weeks before Las Fallas, you can choose, together with the locals, which ninots shouldn’t be burned during La Crema. The ninots are exhibited in the Science Museum at the City of Arts and Sciences. At the end of Las Fallas the winning ninots will be announced. All the preserved ninots, from this year and the years before, are exhibited at the Museo Fallero.

Surprising art

Museo Gremio de Artistas Falleros is located outside the city centre. But don’t hesitate: it’s definitely worth the trip. Since the opening in 1993, the museum supports the artists and the finance of the associations that organise the events during Fallas. The guild has 160 proud members: carpenters and painters, but also graphic designers, sculptors and drawers. The museum is also a place where professionals teach students; professionals organise workshops for artists ‘in the making’, for example about sculpturing and creating decors for theatres. In the museum not just statues of foam, wood and papier mâché are exhibited. Also other artworks, like paintings and pieces of embroidery, can be admired. 

Practical information

In 15 minutes the taxi will bring you from Plaza Ayuntamiento to the museum. This will cost about €20. Keep in mind that the prices will change in the evening and weekends. A cheaper option is bus 28, also from Plaza Ayuntamiento. This will take 30 minutes.

Avinguda de Sant Josep Artesà 17
46025 Valencia

Opening times
The museum is open from January until July and from September until December.

Monday until Friday: 10:00 – 14:00 & 16:00 – 19:00
Saturday: 10:00 – 14:00
The museum is closed on Sundays and holidays.

€4 for adults
€3 groups of adults (from 10 persons or more)
€3 students
€2,50 groups of students (from 10 persons or more)
€2.50 children under the age of 12, retired people and disabled people
€2 groups of children under the age of 12, groups of retired people and groups of disabled people (from 10 persons or more)


Do you want to know the real meaning of the Fallas statues? Do you want to see the beautiful fireworks and all the impressive artworks? Visit Valencia in March and don’t miss the Fallas experience. Take a look at our page about Las Fallas to read more about this amazing festivity!