Running in Valencia

Valencia is the perfect place for a good run! Grab your sport shoes and go for a run along the boulevard or in the Turia Park. In Valencia are a lot of different running groups that you can join, and during the whole year nice running events are organised.

Where to go for a run in Valencia?

Running in a big city: that doesn’t sound like the perfect combination. Traffic, bikes, a lot of people… Luckily, Valencia is a very relaxed city with a typical Spanish ‘tranquilo’ vibe. With its parks and beaches Valencia is the perfect place for runners. We’d love to give away the best places for your daily run!

Turia park

The Turia Park used to be a river before it was drained. Nowadays, it functions as a great city park where locals love to go to escape the city. The park stretches out between the Bioparc Zoo and the City of Arts and Sciences. It’s a 9 kilometres long green oasis. Enough space to go for a run, don’t you think?

Since 2015 the park has its own running path, so during your run cyclists or pedestrians do not disturb you. This path contains signs so you can easily see the distance you’ve already run. Also, there are a lot of water taps throughout the park. You’ll find a lot of locals running or doing other sports in the park, especially in the evening!

Jardines del Real

The wonderful Jardines del Real (also called Jardines de Viveros) is a very good spot for running. It is located on the Northeast side of the city centre, close to the university area. During your run you will see different fountains and a lot of roses. This park is famous for the almost 6,000 roses that are growing here. Enjoy your run!

Cabecera Park

This park may not be forgotten because it fits all the needs for a good run. It’s a green park with 330,000 square meters divided into different sections, like the forest with exotic orchards. It’s recommended to choose this section, called El Bosque de la Ribera, where you can run 2.4 kilometres. Looking for more challenge during your training? The Cabecera Park has a lot of stairs where you can run up and down.

The beach

Another spot where you can go for a run is the beach of Valencia! It’s a 6 kilometres run if you start at Valencia’s port and you run via Malvarossa playa all the way to Patacona playa. There is a paved boulevard that is perfect for running. You want to challenge yourself? Go for a run at the beach instead of the boulevard. The benefit of running at the beach is that you can have a swim right after your workout!

Running events

During the whole year there are a lot of running events and competitions organised in the city. One of the most famous sportive annual highlights is the Marathon of Valencia. Is this out of your league? Don’t worry! Also other running events, where you can run shorter distances, take place in Valencia.

Maratón Valencia Trinidad Alfonso

The Valencia Marathon is well known! It’s a popular marathon because the city is very flat. Since this marathon always takes place in November or December, the climate during this run is perfect. It’s not too warm and not too cold. It is recommended to participate only when you have trained enough.

Half marathon

Is a marathon a little bit too much for you? There is also a half marathon in Valencia: Medio Maratón Trinidad Alfonso. Every year more than 13,000 runners participate in this run.


Is only running not enough for you? Every October the triathlon takes place in the port of Valencia. You will run, cycle and swim around the America’s Cup. With a bit of luck, the weather will be perfect and the water will still be warm.

Women’s run

During spring the Carrera de la Mujer takes place. This is a run especially for women and the whole city is pink!

Running in the dark

During the 15K Nocturna Valencia you will run during the night! You’ll pass Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias, the historic centre and the beach. Everything will be lightened up for this, which gives the 15 kilometres run amazing scenery!

Colour Run

The worldwide famous Colour Run can be run in Valencia as well! At the end of April every year all participants are covered with different colours of powder. Happy running!


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Sun? Go for a run!

The Valencian summers can be really hot, especially during the day. It is recommended to go for a run in the afternoon or evening. This is what the locals do as well.During the evening, especially the Turia is full of runners! However, sometimes you’ll see the locals sweating during the hottest moments of the day as well. The Valencians love to run! In autumn, winter and spring the climate is perfect for a run. Always remember to drink enough water to stay hydrated!

Stay up to date!

Do you want up to date information about running events in Valencia? The website of Valencia Ciudad del Running offers a lot of information. They also have an app, so you can always check the most up to date information about running in Valencia.

Running clothes

Do you need a new running outfit? You can easily buy a completely new sport outfit in Valencia! In the shopping street Carrer de Colón you’ll find different sport shops like Oysho. Furthermore, the department store El Corte Inglés sells a lot of sport clothes. At Decathlon, located in the shopping center Nuevo Centro, you can buy sport clothes and equipment for every sport.

Carrer de Colón 10
46004 València
Opening hours
Monday to Friday: 10.00 – 21.30 hour
Sunday: 12.00 – 20.00 hour

El Corte Inglés
Carrer de Colón 27
46004 Valencia
Opening hours
Monday to Saturday: 10.00 – 22.00 hour
Sunday: 11.00 – 21.00 hour

Nuevo Centro
Avinguda de Tirso de Molina 16
46015 Valencia
Opening hours
Monday to Saturday: 09.00 – 22.00 hour
Sunday: 10.00 – 21.00 hour

Running groups

Running is a perfect way to make up your mind and stay fit. If you run in groups, you will also meet new people and make new friends. In Valencia are some running groups that you can join easily. MeetUp is a website that offers all kind of social activities and sport classes. A lot of different running groups are offered via MeetUp.

Helpful apps

We give away the best apps you can use during your run in Valencia. These apps show the best routes and schedules, the statistics of your runs and your average speed.


This app registers your routes so you can run them again someday. Besides that, the app also shows your statistics. This app can be used all over the world and contains more than 250 running routes in Valencia!

5K Runner

Are you looking for an app that motivates you to run more and faster? This 5K Runner app will motivate you to the max. Another good thing for music lovers: the music is adjusted to your running tempo!

Nike Running Club

This app from the sport brand Nike is easy to use. Before you start the run, you fill in the number of kilometres and the preferable time. This app will make up a route for you. Ready, set, go!


Runkeeper is known for its most extensive statistics. Thanks to the GPStracker, this app can register everything. It’s also possible to share your result with your friends via social media!


Always bring your identity card when you’re going out for a run. In case something happens you can identify yourself!

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